30A Kids Club Magazine

A family-friendly magazine dedicated to life along Florida's Scenic 30A. We publish bi-monthly and help thousands of local and vacationing families know what to do, where to go and how to have fun while here.

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Rosemary Thymes

We began producing the Rosemary Beach newspaper in 2008. It's evolved into more of a news-magazine that lets tourists and visitors get a feel for what it means to live in one of the most famous New Urbanist towns in America.

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Meet me on 30A

A great guidebook to 30A, "Meet me on 30A" gives a taste of each coastal village along 30A and provides recipes from some of the best restaurants along the coast. I worked with local photographers and 30a.com to produce this book, which, after three years is still selling well.

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What we do

Bennett Vallee Communications, LLC is in the business of creating quality publications. My staff of writers, photographers and graphic designers are incredibly talented folks who are great at what they do.

My newest publication, 30A Kids Club Magazine, quickly jumped from quarterly to bi-monthly publication. We're getting fantastic response from locals and tourists who needed a resource that focused on kids and the 30A area specifically.

After writing professionally for 20+ years, I've realized my main goal as a writer is to improve people's life in some way. Whether that's by informing them about a health issue, letting them know about upcoming sports sign-up times or making them laugh and letting them escape from their day.

I've won ADDYs, journalism awards from the Florida Press Association and have written for local, regional and national publications. I also write fiction.

Susan Vallee

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